Wine Gadgets

18/04/2010 09:21

When someone finds an appreciation for wine, they suddenly find an appreciation, desire and even a need for all things wine related. True wine lovers don't just like to drink it with dinner, they like to experience it and because of that, they seek out products that enhance that experience for both themselves and their guests. If you've got a wine aficionado on your gift list, no matter the occasion, there are so many worthy options from which to choose that they'll not only be grateful to receive, but will even come to value. Wine aerators, electric wine bottle openers and various wine gift sets that include basic essentials and some of the not-so-basic ones as well, are just a few of the wine gadgets that make terrific presents for wine enthusiasts.

For starters, wine aerators are becoming more and more popular amongst those wine lovers who don't always have the time, nor the desire to wait on their wine. Why are they waiting? Well, because isn't just a drink. It's a scent, sight and tasting event. To get the most out of any bottle of red wine, it's important that once opened, it is allowed to "breathe." This breathing can occur in various ways and up until now, the most used one has been to decanter the wine. This is a process in which the wine is poured into a decanter and allowed to breathe - which takes hours. Thankfully, wine aerators were created and now one no longer need to "plan" to drink a bottle of wine and instead, can simply pour and enjoy. Wine aerators are quickly becoming a "can't live without gadget for vino lovers everywhere. Simply place the aerator on the open bottle and pour into a glass. The aerator draws in the exact amount of air needed to allow the wine's true aroma and flavor to come through - and it does it instantly.

But we've gotten ahead of ourselves; haven't we? We've discussed "breathing" the wine before we've even bothered to mention, opening the wine. Opening wine is an art. Many people who are just starting out - as well as some seasoned professionals - have managed to break a cork or have trouble pulling it completely out of the bottle's neck. Also, wine drinkers as well as servers in restaurants that have smaller hands often have difficulty with traditional openers - especially when opening synthetic corked bottles. These tend to be harder and seem to fight to remain in the bottle. Electric wine bottle openers remove this issue once and for all. They're ergonomically designed to fit easily in the palm of your hand and will open a bottle of wine in seconds. Some include extra features such as thermometers, backlighting and other great extras that make them not only essential elements of the wine experience but also great conversation pieces.

Wine aerators, openers and other accessories are available on their own or in wine gift sets. These sets are often a collection of some of the wine gadgets that are often overlooked such as drip rings, foil cutters, bottle stoppers and many more essentials. They can be found in elegant mahogany, lacquered or other impressive boxes that are beautiful decorative accents to anyone's wine collection or barware. Wine gift sets are available at various price points from the low $20's on upward and can even be personalized with logos, monograms or holiday greetings.

Finding wine gadgets and wine accessories is a breeze when you shop online. There are countless options from which to choose and there are choices available for every budget, every style decor, and every type of wine from red to white to sparkling.