Why wine matters

18/04/2010 09:20

There are many reasons to love wine. While contributing to our health and happiness, wine connects us to the past, enhances our meals, and serves as an inspiration for religious, artistic, and scientific activities. Here are just a few of the countless ways in which wine contributes positively to our lives.

Wine is traditional. Wine has a rich and fascinating history. While winemaking technologies may change, and buying wine online gives modern wine lovers more choices than ever, the product stays basically the same. When you take a sip of wine, you experience sensations that our ancestors have been enjoying for millennia. Through Renaissance and Medieval Europe, all the way through the Roman Empire, Classical Greece, Ancient China, and beyond recorded history, people have been cultivating, crafting, and enjoying wine.

Wine is ceremonial. Because of its powerful effects, wine has had a place in the traditions of many of the major world religions, and it played a large role in the spiritual practices of our ancient ancestors. Wine has represented a variety of things to different religions, but its use in the Judeo-Christian religions and elsewhere continues to this day.

Wine is scientific. Winemakers have always been on the cutting edge of the latest developments in agricultural production. Because they tend to be passionate about their craft, they are always seeking ways to improve their wines, and many modern improvements involve technical concepts that the layperson wouldn't understand, which. Today, winemakers from around the world lead the way in sustainable agricultural practices.  
Wine is artistic. Dedicated winemakers think of their craft as an art form. If you know how to appreciate the subtleties of wine or are willing to learn, wine appreciation can be as rewarding as going to a concert or art museum. Like any great work of art, a fine wine needs no practical justification. By just being what it is, it makes our lives better. For this and other reasons, wine has always been a catalyst of inspiration for poets, painters, and musicians.

Wine is healthy. Obviously, too much wine can have negative health effects. But studies have shown that, in moderation, wine correlates with a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease, and the drink contains abundant polyphenols, flavonoids, and antioxidants, all of which are healthy. Other health benefits of wine are still under study and can't be definitively judged.

Wine is sociable. The Romans said, "Nel vino c'è la verità," which translates roughly to, "In wine is truth." Wine has the astonishing ability to make social gatherings, from parties to business meetings, freer, more laidback, and more truthful. When a situation calls for a little social boost, wine can be the perfect way to help break down those barriers.

Wine is productive. On the most practical level, wine provides jobs. There's no better way to support the local or national economy than to purchase the products of hardworking wineries, which also supports those who transport and sell wine. Now, by buying wine online, you can reward the hard work of practically any winery that you feel creates a top quality product.